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In 2007, the Aldo Leopold Legacy Center was built in Baraboo, WI. I had the profound honor to create door, window and donor wall glass from the plants nurtured and planted by the Leopold family.

The building earned the highest score of any green building worldwide through the LEED certification process and recently received its Platinum certification. Click this link to learn more about the Leopold Foundation and this amazing building.

Donor wall at Aldo Leopold Legacy Center.  French doors at Aldo Leopold Legacy Center.  Window transom at Aldo Leopold Legacy Center.


An early installation of reneéglass is the main spire at the Barrymore Theater in Madison, WI.

renee' glass in the spire at the Barrymore Theater.     Detail of Barrymore spire.

Barrymore spire window designed by Reneé Miller in collaboration with Steve Sperling & Al Sundby of the Barrymore Theatre, and Kurt Martin of Martin Glass. Installation by Christopher Nord and Dave Feldbrugge


More installation pictures can be viewed below.